• Chelsea Ann

A Year In The Making

I've been saying it for a year now. WE HAD PLANS!

If you can't tell, I'm still a little bitter. Let me reference you to the following blog to catch you up, just in case. https://www.chelseawestphotography.com/post/we-have-this-day

See, bitter! Party of one...well I'm sure this family is bitter as well, but still. I wanted to see this sweet newborn boy and I wanted to squish and smell. I wanted to watch my friend ROCK motherhood and I wanted capture the most beautiful images for this amazing family.

While that shoot didn't happen, I have to put aside my sadness because a year later we have a CAKE SMASH session! My friends, let me tell you, we celebrated this day! We planned, we prepared, and we played! Weeks later, my heart is still so full!

Anthony, I hope you had an amazing first birthday! You've had one crazy first year and I prayer this next one is calm, pandemic free, snow-pocalypse free, and any other global/national/local cause for concern-free. I pray that you learn so many things this year. I pray that you feel the love your family has for you today, and every day. I pray that as you grow, you grow in kindness, you grow in faith, you grow in love and in laughter.

Happy birthday sweet boy I can't wait "two" see you for next years shoot!

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