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All About Avery

I love listening to moms when they talk about what they’ve done differently between the first and the second kid.

The first only had hand-made baby food. If not hand-made, then organic. Never tasted sugar. They were read to every night, and it was usually multiple books. They had everything documented: umbilical cord, locks of hair, nail clippings. All carefully sealed away in their baby book.

The second kid…well…not so much. Baby food = what everyone else is eating, just in smaller bites. Suckers, snack bites, sips of soda…oh my! Who has time to bath each kid, and then read to each of them multiple books separately?! Bath time happens together, read together and mom picks the book! I know that umbilical cord fell out, buuuut I don’t know where I put it…or if I even kept it. Newborn pictures may not be printed, but they were taken.

Then, there are those special families with more kids. More kids equal more chaos. The more chaos the better. There is a switch from a man defense to a zone. Who knows what they’re eating?! Better yet, where did it come from?! Their clothes are now two kids old. Their toys are missing limbs and chunks of hair. Their puzzles don’t have all the pieces and their books may not have a page or two. Third kids, am I right?!

A few weeks ago, I had the sweetest newborn session with Avery. While Avery is the third child, she is being treated like the first child.

Every member of this family is giving her the first kid treatment. They take turns holding her, feeding her, reading to her, and showing her all they have to give. They are going to teach her. They are going to protect her. They are going to support her. They are going to carry her around, even when she is old enough to walk. They are going to show her how to work over mom and dad. They will give her everything they have.

While things may be different on the experience each kid in this family has, one thing remains the same. This family has so much love to give and right now all their love is going to Avery. It's all about Avery.

Happy Monday friends!

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