• Chelsea Ann

And the crowd went WILD

I only taught Aidan for a semester, but this past year I also got to coach Aidan!

This was Aidan's first year to play basketball. He did such a great job and learned so much! He learned how to handle the ball, he worked on his defense, and ya'll the first time he scored! I have never seen a bench go that crazy! We were at a tournament in Lubbock and the whole gym went WILD when Aidan scored! It was such a cool moment and everyone was just so proud of him! He worked so hard this year and we were so proud of him!

I hadn't seen Aidan since basketball ended in February, and I just couldn't believe how much he had changed in just a few months. Granted they were quarantine months but still! This kid grew, his face looks more mature, and he has become even more animated.

His graduation/family shoot was just perfect. They weather was awesome, they had awesomely coordinated colors, and who doesn't love family time?!

Happy Thursday friends!

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