• Chelsea Ann

As Long As You Love Me

My most treasured photos are the ones that I have with my family, both nuclear and extended.

It seems like we don't ever have an updated photo. We've started to have new additions, someone is always missing, and we've started losing family members. It's heartbreaking to me that we will never have that photo with all of us. When families reach out to me for extended family sessions, I just get so excited. I can give someone something what I will never have.

Extended family sessions are, literal, gifts for the whole family for generations to come. When Cameron contacted me months ago about this session, I was simply elated. For the last year, we have been in disarray and these moments with our family is what brings it all together. Spending this evening with Long family has meant so much to me and I hope that it meant a lot to them as well!

Friends, I hope you have a marvelous Monday...and reach out to a family member if you have a chance, you know, just to see what's going on.

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