• Chelsea Ann

Battles & Blessings

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." ~ Henry Ford

These past two years have been a doozy. My husband and I were married in July of 2017. In January of 2018 (just six months into our marriage), our world was turned upside down and it wasn't until just recently that I felt we have a toe back on the ground. We've had so many pivots and adjustments in almost every aspect of our life. I also know we aren't alone in life's struggles. Everyone goes through battles, but in those battles are the blessings that we often can't see!

Battle: my health was poop Blessing: my husband was there every step of the way

Battle: we both have changed jobs Blessing: we both have discovered talents we were unaware of

Starting this journey has been a battle all on its own, I didn't know how to start a business! I didn't know this language! However, the blessings have beaten the battles so many times over. Being able to freeze frame time, being able to show young girls just how beautiful they truly are, highlighting just a few of all the amazing moms out there, and seeing all the love families have for each other are just a few blessings I've had so far.

I wasn't sure that I would be able to do this. Take pictures, find the angles, find the light, find those moments that every parent wants to hold on to, learn how to edit, learn how to market, the list goes on and on....and so did my worries. It wasn't until I found my way to the many blessings that are Sue Bryce, Kate Dominguez, Chris Bray, and Jasmine Star. They have done more than they will ever know and have helped me find the confidence needed to commit to this new journey. I have learned so much and am so excited to continue my education! My battles have led me right to my blessings. I now truly believe that I can...so I will. ( I can....I will....I must...Cheer anyone?!)

I believe I can create memories. I believe I can continue my education to develop and advance my skills. I believe I can build a supportive community that is able to express themselves. I believe that each battle as a blessing somewhere in its midst's. I believe that this is where I am supposed to be, and I believe that I will succeed!

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