• Chelsea Ann

Ben...the youngest Bowman

I learned very quickly as a teacher, that rather than compare siblings, I should learn to see what makes each sibling unique. I should know that, my sister and I are night and day and I hated it when we were compared. Over the years, I taught several sets of siblings and loved how unique each sibling is and finding out the similarities between them.

The Bowman's are no exception. They have three kids. Night, day, and evening...or should it be weekend...what's a third alternative to night and day...also how do you determine which one is night, day, weekend?! Each one of the Bowmans are incredibly independent, they are strong, courageous, and passionate. Where they begin to differ follows closely along with where they are in order form oldest to youngest.

Emma, the eldest, has always been outspoken, headstrong, and animated. Oh but her heart, this girl loves big. She is caring, she offers everything she has to those in need, and she gives grace like very few I've ever met. Robbie, the middle son, tends to be more reserved at first, he is a quiet presence until he feels comfortable and then his silly side comes out. He does what he can to help those in need, he encourages, and is supportive, oh so supportive. Then there is Ben, the baby... sorry the youngest.

Ben grew up in the shadows of his siblings and it shows in his personality. He sits back and watches before he makes his decisions. He is competitive, he is is stubborn like his sister and encourages like his brother. He is determined to be better than his siblings where he can be (athletics, grades, you give him something to be competitive at and he is there) and he has learned from each of them. He has learned to love big just like Emma and he has learned to offer a hand to those in need just like Robbie.

Ben's is graduating from 8th grade this year and he is playing basketball just like Emma and Robbie did, but with fewer fouls. He is playing baseball just like Robbie did. He's showing animals just like both of his siblings did. But he is also Ben. He is much more laid back and on his own time. Give him a basketball and a snack and he's good to go. So we tried that for his shoot. Gave him a basketball and told him he could eat after. Take a look at his gallery, and then you can eat after.

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