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Bill + Beth

Once upon a time, in a world that was pretty close to 45 years ago, a little girl named Beth would pretend to be her older sister on the phone. When people would call asking for Mary, Beth would say that she was Mary and talk to her friends. One of those friends was Bill.

When Bill was a senior and Beth was a sophomore, they went to baseball game together. Beth bet Bill that one team would beat the other. The bet was just a coke, but Beth still won. That coke date would be their first date.

Tomorrow will be their 36th wedding anniversary. While they have had their ups and downs, like most marriages do, they have been an amazing example of what it means to be selfless. They are forever loving, patient, and supportive. They have been guiding lights as to how to treat each other in a partnership. They share, they encourage, and they show grace.

* My mom has tendencies to find the most random things and surprise us with them. You know the surprise concert, the Christmas light airplane ride, your normal surprises. This was one of those things. This picture was taken at some hotel on the interstate. It was their first professional picture taken together.*

There are a handful of marriages that I admire and look to for advice, they are one of the few. Bill and Beth treat each other with respect.

They welcome others into their home, they find each other in a room, and they often anticipate each others needs. They take care of each of other and above all they communicate.

Tomorrow is my parents wedding anniversary. I am so thankful to have them not only as parents, but as wonderful role models. They are amazing people individually but complete each other together. Happy anniversary you two!

Happy Monday friends!

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