• Chelsea Ann

Blessed by the Bowmans

I firmly believe that the people in our lives are specially placed there as a part of God's plan. Whether it is for a small passing moment or years and years of a relationship, those people and those moments are meant to be.

Nearly ten years ago, this rambunctious, outspoken, fearless little girl walked into my classroom. For the next three years, we would butt heads, we would test each others boundaries, and I'm pretty sure she even rolled her eyes at me a time or two. It was frustrating, because it was like dealing with a younger me. I was stubborn, and refused to listen to anybody. I was going to figure it out on my own regardless of how long it took or how hard it was. Teaching myself was not enjoyable, and I now formally apologize to all my past teachers.

Emma, who is now expecting her first child, was my introduction to the Bowman family. For the next several years this family would be in and out of my life. Basketball games, parent teacher conferences, and class trips. Our relationship was solely centered around school.

Now, this family is no longer a professional one, but a personal one. I talk to Mrs. Bowman almost everyday. We lunch as often as we can. We are friends. We are friends and I am so thankful each day that this amazing, growing, family is in my life. After a year of uncertainty, despair, and sometimes just plain awfulness, it is such a feeling of comfort to know that I have this family to lean on and go to. I pray you have your own version of the Bowman family in your life!

Happy Monday, friends!

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