• Chelsea Ann

Emilee Ann

I remember her first day of school because it was my first day of school too. I remember the tears from both of us.

I remember her leaving my classroom every afternoon. Before she would ever actually leave, she would stand at the light switch and flip the lights on and off. Each time she would giggle as she said "Good night" and "Good morning". Over and over again..."Good night" lights would go off "Good morning" lights would come back on.

I remember the first time she didn't want to come to my classroom after school and wanted to go hang out with her friends.

I remember the Facetimes, phone calls, and texts. The birthday parties, baptisms, Christmas'. The rides to Odessa, trips to Cheddars, the soccer games, the football games, the basketball games...all the games.

I remember the little girl who rode around in the backseat singing Yellow Submarine over and over and over again. The little girl with the kind heart, the strong spirit, and the sassy smile.

She turned 16 this year and putting her Sweet 16 video together was..weird. This little girl has turned into a young lady and is becoming her own. While I love watching her experience the begins of becoming an adult, I do miss our time together and random conversations. I want the world for her and can't wait to see what all she accomplishes over the next several years.

Happy birthday Emilee Ann. I love you a million Dr. Peppers.

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