• Chelsea Ann

Everybody Jones!

What makes a fabulous Friday even more fabulous? Spending time with the faaaaaaabulous Jones'! This past Friday, I spent the evening with the Jones family and you guys...they brought it!

We had such a great time at the Petroleum Museum and I couldn't get enough of these pictures! We found out Jake is the better Fortnite player, Case has stinkier feet, Emilee takes the longest to get ready, and I won't tell you what Jacque is the best at...They shared all the secrets, all the tickles, and Jake won the Second Annual Arm Wrestling Tournament.

Jacque is an amazing mom raising these three kids. They are each involved in alllllllll of the things and she manages it all! I am always in awe of how awesome of a job she does and will have a forever love for these kids! Love you guys!

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