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Fifteen and Fabulous

Every year before school starts, there's a "Meet the Teacher" day. During "Meet the Teacher", families find out what class their student is going to be in, meet the teacher of that class, sign up to volunteer for the handful of organizations that the school has, gets shirts, bumper stickers, etc. You name it, "Meet the Teacher" probably has it. As a teacher, the day is jam packed. Your classroom becomes a rotating door of families that you have known for years and are just stopping by to say hello and catch up, former students who just want to come hangout, and a handful of new families that are trying to find their way through the chaos of the day.

I remember standing in my classroom, talking to handful of former students, when a new family walked in. Well I say that, I saw the mom and thought she had come alone. Hope was behind her mom and letting her take 100% of the lead. Crissy was asking the questions, getting the lay of the land, and Hope was watching. Watching all the other kids in there, watching the other families come in and out, watching me. She was and still to this day is so observant.

She assess the situation before she reacts. She is cautious and reserved. She is helpful and she is fabulous! Fabulous and 15! That quiet, shy, sweet girl is now 15. She is still cautious but now she's not as quiet.

The first round of snow this year led us to reschedule our shoot, and a cold front that blew in during our rescheduled session meant we had to call it quits early. The balloons flew away, there was hair flying everywhere, but an afternoon with Crissy and Hope is always fabulous. If 15 is this fabulous, I can't wait to see what sassy and 16 looks like!

Happy Monday, friends!

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