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Five Poses for the Fellas

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a hundred times. It is usually said very quietly and in a "please help me" sort of way. Friends, have you ever uttered the phrase: "But what do I do with my hands?"

The answer is different for each situation, but today lets discuss senior sessions for the fellas! Here are five easy poses to do with your hands! Also, shout out to Ryan for doing such a great job!

1) Hide em -This pose is first up because it is by far the most simple thing one could do. Ready, hide your hands in your pockets. Either go four in and thumb out or switch it up and go thumb in and four out. Super simple and works great for a lot of poses!

2) Cross em - There is a movie that came out when I was in high school, I don't remember the name. I believe it was Molly Shannon that played the female lead, but again, I don't remember. Regardless, the famous line that came from this movie was: "Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my arm pits (she crosses her arms and puts her hands under her armpits) and smell em! Like this (she removes her hands from her armpits and sniffs them.)! All of that to say, I get that you can be nervous. When you're nervous, don't try to over complicate things. Comfortably cross your arms, take a deep breath, and lets see that smile!

3) Fix em - Lets be real. We are in west Texas. On any given day, we can have rain, dirt, and above all wind. Wind can mess up the outfit, wind can mess up the hair, wind can blow away the props. When it is a touch too windy outside, take the opportunity to hold your hair in place all while using your hands to pose! Every guy with hair has that natural, don't even think about it, fix my hair swoop of the hands. You all do it, you just aren't always aware that you're doing it. This pose is all about knocking out two birds with one stone, battle the wind and pose at the same time!

4) Clasp em - This pose can work for several positions. Bringing your leg up on a step, rest that forearm on the knee and clasp your hands. Squatting, clasp those hands. Sitting on a bench, lean forward and clasp em!

5) Post em up - Not every pose is standing. When you're actually sitting, this presents a new problem with the hands. A simple fix is to bring the leg up, that is opposite of the camera, and rest your elbow on your thigh. Close your hand, not a too tight fist, and rest it on your temple, as if you were posting your head up.

There you have it, five poses for the fellas! Simple, easy, poses to help solve one of the toughest problems!

Now, check out the rest of Ryan's session!

Happy Monday, friends!

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