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Frederickson Family Fun

My parents are the kind of parents that didn't have family motto's growing up. If anything it was "you'll build some character". They had a special kind of tough love that made my sister and I feel supported yet independent at the same time. Looking back, that was a gift that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. As we've gotten older, they truly have become wonderful friends. They are amazing ears to listen, shoulders to cry on, and open arms to welcome us at their table. This year, they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary! To celebrate, we took a family vacation to Lake Tahoe!

Fun fact about the Frederickson family....try as we might, we just don't travel well. Somebody is always stopped at a security checkpoint, somebody is always hangry, something is always going on, and some memory is always being made. This trip was no different.

After half of us were searched by TSA, we made it to Reno. The Peppermill Casino, provided wonderful entertainment for our brief stay. We found the sports book, won some money at the slots, and saw the "Biggest little city" sign!

The following day was the 4th of July, we made a short trek to Carson City to see the capital! It was beautiful! Beautifully kept grounds, wonderful monuments (checkout the Battle Born monument behind the capital), and the perfect spot to capture a few pictures of my parents. We had lunch at the Fox Brewpub. We sat outside (something that doesn't often happen in July for us), had wonderful food, and got to see the local 4th of July celebrations!

That evening, we made our way into South Lake Tahoe. You guys, I can't get over A) how beautiful it was and B) how crowded it was! After dropping off our stuff, we headed down to the lake. We had planned to watch the fireworks on a boat....and we did....after we were stranded and needed a boat to come rescue us! #makinmemories The fireworks display was amazing! In the bursts of light you could see the thousands of boats watching along with us.

Friday, four of our six went to play the Edgewood Golf Course while the other two went to Emerald Cove. Team Youngblood beat Team AARP by just one stroke! After having a bite to eat, we spent the evening sitting on the porch enjoying the cool weather. Saturday was our mountain day. We took a small hike and then rode the gondola up to the top of the mountain. It was absolutely beautiful! You could see so much of the lake and they still had snow on the mountain. We did a bit of shopping once back on the ground and ended the trip with a stop at the local putt putt!

Overall, we had a great trip to celebrate Bill and Bethy! Here's to 35 more years!

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