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Happy New Year!

I don't know about ya'll, but I like starting things at the beginning of the week. So a new year on a Wednesday is just weird. It's like having two Monday's in a week and I am NOT here for that! So....Happy First Monday of the New Year!

I am pumped for 2020, and have set some really exciting goals for myself and for Chelsea West Photography! I have always been a goal setter. When I was younger, I was great at setting the goals...but then would forget, or stopped caring. Now as an adult, I have worked really hard to create a structure that helps me meet my goals rather than forget. I find planners that have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goal structures created within them. I set reminders on my phone. I am thankful enough to have a husband who supports me and helps me reach my goals. I also have a great group of friends who often share some of my goals. Let me tell ya, a support system can make or break any goal!

For me I am starting out with my January Whole 30. If you haven't heard about this 30 day reset, created by Melissa Urban, it really is something worth looking into. I enjoy these 30 days because it puts me back into a healthy state of mind and reestablishes those healthy habits that the holidays make hard. Another goal I have set for myself is healthy boundaries in the different circles of my life. I, sometimes...but not very often, in my opinion, but not others, I have a hard time saying no to those in my circle. I really do enjoy helping those around me, volunteering, and making sure everyone's ducks are in a row before my own...which when done too often for too many can mean I've run myself down. In 2020, I am working on creating healthy boundaries. I tend to run myself down and this year, I don't want to do that! In all honesty, who does?! Healthy food and healthy habits for 2020! Also, read 20 books, but who really is counting....lets just read!

Chelsea West Photography has a TON of stuff in the works! While still relatively young in my business, I still enjoy taking on new challenges. This year my goals are simple. Bring you a new blog each Monday (1 for 1!). I want to continue to create more lifestyle centered shoots. I also want to seek out new opportunities. Small businesses, sports, wildlife, I am here for all of it! I want to see what opportunities this year holds! Some of my goals, I am going to keep tucked away. I don't think I am going to fail at them, I just want to make sure those ducks are in a row...you know...healthy habits (yada, yada, yada).

This year is going to be big, and I am so excited that you are here with me! Your support, both personally and professionally really does mean a lot! I look forward to sharing my wins (small and large) with you and can't wait to see what all you guys accomplish!

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