• Chelsea Ann

He Is There

I was sixteen or seventeen years old and was having a meltdown in the kitchen. Let's be honest, this didn't happen just once. I was....possibly still am....a hold it all in until there's nowhere else to hold it and then it all explodes kinda girl. Weeks and weeks of angst built up and then like a dormant volcano, would erupt. I've tried to be better about this, but it still gets me sometimes. Anywhoots, 16 melting in the kitchen...I don't remember the exact reason, but it was something with school, and like so many times before and so many times after my dad was there.

He is there when I am melting and need a reasonable voice to calm me down. He is there to support and encourage when I take that brave first step into a new venture. He is there to teach and to guide when I am unsure on what to do. He is there to listen and to help when I am melting in the kitchen. He is there.

My dad is protective. My dad is determined. My dad is thoughtful. My dad is a storyteller. My dad is a piddler. My dad is a listener. My dad is strong. My dad is brave.

While there are many adjectives that describe my dad, it is his actions that make him the wonderful human that he is. He holds himself and those around him accountable. He pushes himself and those around him to be better and he works. He works harder than most people I know. Through his actions he is making the world around him a better place.

My husbands father passed away several years ago before we ever started dating. While I never technically knew him, I am getting to know him through his children.

He is there in my husbands face. In his love of golf and his love of good music. He is there in memories that he and his family share. He is there in their laughs and their mannerisms. He is there.

Dads and their kids are usually some of my favorite photos. Enjoy these past sessions and a few throwbacks of my sister and I with our dad!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day weekend and happy Monday friends!

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