• Chelsea Ann

He's Got It

I am not one of those people that is good at everything I try. In most things, I have to work incredibly hard to walk away feeling mediocre at best. When I find the few people that everything just comes naturally to in the wild, it is like finding the golden ticket. I can honestly say, I have only ever met three of these magical unicorns.

For as long as I've known Michael, which has literally been his whole life, he's got it. Most things come relatively naturally to him.

He is a gifted athlete, recently being chosen as both an All-District and an All-State catcher. Michael is a clever student, and mechanically inclined. He's often building, fixing, or tinkering with all the things. Ya'll Michael is even rocking the photography world. This kid is talented.

The list of his abilities could go on for quite sometime. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this young man grow into the human that he has become and I'm excited to see what all he accomplishes in the future. Regardless of what he decides to do, he'll get it.

Happy Monday, friends!

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