• Chelsea Ann

Here's to Hope

There's some families that are just intertwined into your world. You see them with friends, at church, at school, at the gym. You just see them all the time. However, when life stops and you're world has to go on from inside you're home, you stop seeing people. You don't get to see them at church, or at the store, or at school. Quarantine has been so hard for so many reasons. Not seeing friends and family in person has been a tough one, for sure.

With Texas slowly starting to reopen, I'm starting to see more people. Even though it isn't totally back to normal, it is a start.

I was so excited to see Hope and her mom Crissy. I'm used to seeing them often and had really missed not seeing them. Whether it was at our weekend masses or at the gym, they always have a smile on their faces. That was also so comforting and I missed those smiles! I missed hearing Crissy love on Hope and tell me how well she's been doing. I missed the blush on Hope's face, when her mom bragged on her. I missed just talking with these two!

This graduation session for Hope was just what we needed! We had talked about it over a year ago, and now neither Crissy or myself can actually believe that we are here. Maybe we will do it again in four years...here's to Hopen'

Happy Thursday friends!

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