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Hi! My name is Chelsea!

Hi friends!

First and foremost, I am thrilled you are here! Whether you've been here for awhile now or this is you're first day, I want you to know that you have a place here and I am happy to have ya!

I am Chelsea and I am your resident Lifestyle Family Photographer...what in the world is that you ask?! Don't worry, I gotcha. All that means is rather than a full shoot of posed pictures, I'm more observing you and your family in your natural state. Yes, I do direct you where to go, but I also encourage you to interact with one another rather than only with me. All the hugs, all the smiles, and all the love...that is my goal.

Outside of being a photographer, I have several other loves. First and foremost, my husband, Daniel, is my best friend and we love going to the movies, watching our shows together, seeing our friends (I am so excited for the day that we get to hangout with our friends again!!), and cooking out in the backyard. We have two adorable dogs, Fen and Jen, and love to take them on walks.

I love to read! I'm in the middle of two really good books right now. "Little Fires Everywhere" and "The Second Most Powerful Man in the World". Some of my favorites are "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society", "All the Light We Cannot See", and "The Great Gatsby". Whether it is reading in my car before I meet someone for lunch (when I could meet someone for lunch) or listening as I walk the girls, my mind is often in the world created by the whichever author I've delved into at the time. Reading is such a passion for me and I love nothing more than to curl up with a good book.

I love to cook! Growing up, my mom's rule was always "Stay out of my kitchen!". And for good reason, I suppose. Two fighting sisters is not safe combo around knives. However, that did mean I went to college with no cooking skills what so ever. The first time I had to brown meat for a group...they all stared at me as I waited for further instruction. The stares turned into laughter and I was mocked for not knowing the most basic cooking skill. All these years later, I understand that there is zero skill needed for browning meat.... Heat on. Pan on heat. Meat in pan. Done. As I moved onto real life adulthood, not only have I figured out how to brown meat, but you guys I can also make a mean ground meat burrito. Ha, I crack myself up. I love experimenting, discovering new recipes, and don't even get me started on one pan/sheet meals. If you haven't discovered Alex Snodgrass yet, you are missing out!

I'm slowly getting into gardening. I've planted several seeds and some of them have even sprouted! I have no idea what to do next, but that is what Google is for. The Hibiscus that I planted last year survived the winter and has come back stronger than ever, as have the Snapdragons I planted before Christmas. I just enjoy being outside and getting my hands dirty. I'm excited for my Okra to keep growing and actually consume something that I have planted.

I enjoy a nice Dr. Pepper with something salty. I have a love for chips and queso, they're made even better when joined with family and friends. I love baseball, specifically the Redsox and basketball, specifically the Tarheels. I love history. I love color coordinating things (pens, books, closet, just the usual). I enjoy Bravo...RHOBH starts this week! I love to plan and organize. My favorite season is summer and my perfect day is poolside, with a book, and my summer jams playing in the background. I love working on puzzles and sending out snail mail. I also love a good reason to decorate!

I love that you are here and apart of this community. I love to help however I can, and I love to help you and your family feel just as amazing as you actually are. I love creating beautiful photographs that will last for generations to come.

Hi, I'm Chelsea and I am your resident Lifestyle Family Photographer!

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