• Chelsea Ann

I Can't Wait

I can't wait breathe in that new born smell.

I can't wait to squish on those sweet cheeks and tiny feet.

I can't wait to hear those phantoms cries and wonder if they are real or not.

I can't wait to watch them wonder and see them grow.

I can't wait to curse those darn Lego pieces in the middle of the night.

I can't wait to fight over what we will or won't wear that day.

I can't wait to sigh over messy rooms and dirty dishes.

I can't wait to hear the laughter and the stories that they create in their imaginations.

I can't wait, but I can't, so I wait.

I wait to hear the cries out of frustration and tiredness.

I wait to count fingers and toes over and over again.

I wait to see them form their own opinions.

I wait to see who their friends will be and who they will become.

I wait to argue over what they will be for Halloween.

I wait to see the joy on their faces on Christmas morning.

I wait to break up fights over who will get to play with what.

I can't wait, but I can't, so I wait.

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