• Chelsea Ann

I Do It For Her

Happy Monday, friends!

Today, of all days, is such a wonderful day to be thankful for all things and in all things. Today, is International Women's Day, and like I said before, I am so thankful for all the things BUT especially all the amazing women in my life. From my family members, to my teachers. From my friends, to those that I will never meet but have had a wonderful impact on life. While I have certainly never burned any bras in my day....well there was that one time that we tried and failed miserably, but I don't count that...I do support the women.

I support the women who run their business/classroom/household/whatever with all the passion that they have to give. I support the women who chase their dreams, all while chasing their kids. I support the women who support and encourage other women. I support the women who breathe life into those around them. I support the women who selflessly give everyday. I support the women.

Those amazing women have paved the way for myself and those that will come after me. I have learned not to do things for myself, but to do things for those after me. I do it for her. The ones that aren't even here yet, the ones that don't even know they can yet, and the ones that will keep it going for those after them.

The things that I consider common place today are the same things that so many before me fought for before me. I hope that my generation is able to continue that for the generations that will follow.

Happy International Women's Day, friends!

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