• Chelsea Ann

I'll Be There

You need me, and I'll be there.

It's a simple sentence, it's a small sentence, but it's our sentence. Whenever anyone of us is stressed, or busy, or sick, or on top of the world and wanting to celebrate, we are there. For as long as I can remember, you need me and I'll be there has been a family motto if you will. You need a ride, you need a cheerleader, you need a motivational talk, or in my most recent case...you need hot water because the hot water heater went out and there is a blizzard outside, we will be there for each other.

Growing up, my parents worked incredibly hard. They juggled homework, cleaning, work, bedtime, dinnertime, all of it. They both worked till 5, picked us up from afterschool, had dinner made while helping us with our homework (because there was no homework after dinner), bathed and ready for our daily dose of Nick at Nite before bed. My sister and I never knew the difference between upper/middle/lower class and we certainly did not know which one we fell in. We were loved, we were supported, and we were encouraged.

As we got older, the way in which my parents were there for us changed. It was no longer because they had to, it was because they wanted to. They wanted to help us when they could, however they could. They've walked us through how to buy houses and cars. They've been sounding boards as we navigate the waters of adulthood and in turn have supported the decisions we've made. They show up however they can.

I cannot remember a time that my family wasn't there for each other. I totally realize that this isn't the case for every family, and I 100% realize that we aren't perfect by any means, but we are us and we are together.

In 2017, we added a family member with my fella and in a few short weeks we are adding one more! Our family is growing and regardless of the good or the bad or the ugly, we will be there for each other!

If you've got a second today, send your family some love and be sure tag Chelsea West Photography so we can be in on all the love! Here's a few of our family favorites!

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