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I Love You a Waffle Lot

*Buyer beware....this post contains puns...and a lot of them*

We met years ago. We had a mutual friend and it was one of those, hi, yes I know you. But I don't know you. And I don't really feel it. K, bye.

And that, my friends, was it. For several years, we didn't see each other again. We didn't speak. Didn't think to speak. Nada.

Then it happened, that oh hey, I know you. We started talking, traded numbers, and we haven't looked back. He has unquestioningly been there for everything. He was my rock when I was sick and couldn't function, he gives the best hugs, he cooks dinner while I am at my basketball games, and you guys...he does dishes! Not just put them in the dishwasher dishes...but like actually washes the dishes! He is helpful, he is supportive, he is encouraging, and he is mine. He has been such an anchor in my life. While it isn't always perfect (who's relationship is anyway), at the end of the day he is my lobster. He is the bees knees. I whale always love him....he just has a pizza my heart.

You guys, I just love him from my head to-ma-toes.

We just make an egg-cellent pair, as do many of the couples that I have had the amazing opportunity to photograph! This whole month, I have been highlighting different ways I've seen love shown. This last week was sibling love. This week, it is the couple love! Spend some koala-ty time enjoying all of these couples and a few of Dan and myself!

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