• Chelsea Ann

I'm Coming Home

Oh, sweet friends! If you thought I was excited last week, this weeks dancing and jumps for joy are TWICE as big! After this past week, we officially have crossed the TWO THOUSAND dollar mark! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you for the amazing support thus far! There is less than one week left and I cannot wait to see where we are a week from now!

The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon always takes me by surprise when happens. When you notice something for the first time, you then have a tendency to notice it more often. This mini session has been running for almost a month now and the number of conversations I've had about being home seems to have increased ten-fold.

The feeling of being out of town and coming home, the feeling of having a safe place in your home, the feeling of knowing you can be completely and utterly yourself in your home. Being home and having that place to unwind and relax is such a wonderful feeling. There are almost a hundred Midlander's that do not have that place. That place that they call home, that place that they can take ownership of, and that sense of community that comes from those that live inside your home as well as the neighborhood.

The Fields Edge is working to build a community of homes for our fellow neighbors who do not have one. This community will consist of ONE HUNDRED tiny homes. They not only are building these homes, they are also helping build skills to enter the work force, restore dignity, promote healing, and cultivate home. With the help that The Fields Edge is providing, so many will finally be able to say "I'm coming home."

Happy Monday, friends!

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