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I'm Sorry

If you have been here for awhile, you know that I was a teacher and had to leave mid-year. Bella was in 6th grade when that happened. I had taught her brothers for three years, and she was disappointed that she wouldn't be able to have the same.

Then, Covid hit and her and so many others spring semester was shattered. The class trip was cancelled. There was no last 8th grade mass. Nobody knew that the last Hot Dog Day was actually their last Hot Dog Day. While they did have a graduation, it wasn't the same. All the pomp and all the circumstance for her and so many others drifted away. I hate it for all of them and I'm sorry.

When her mom signed her up for a Grads on the Grass session, I was so excited to see her and catch up. While there hasn't been a whole lot going on these last few months, it was still nice to see another human and hear about how they're doing with quarantine. It wasn't until we were done that she began to bring up all the things. The teacher she was looking forward to having in fourth grade moved when she got there, I left during her 6th grade year, Covid, all the things. All I could say was I'm sorry, but if she ever needs anything to just let me know.

I know that I can't make all of this go away, but I am sorry that Bella and her classmates do not get to experience that amazingness that is the spring semester at St. Ann's. It certainly is magical.

Happy Thursday friends!

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