• Chelsea Ann

I Remember When

I remember sitting in my kindergarten class with Ms. Abbott. She walked in one day and said that she was getting married and would no longer by Ms. Abbott, she would now be Mrs. Matchus...I'm positive that she said this more eloquently, but all I remember is the shock of it all.

I remember sitting in my 2nd grade class room with said Mrs. Matchus when she told us that she was expecting her first child....he now has a child of his own.

I remember when my sister was in 2nd grade, I was in 4th, and she told me that Mrs. Matchus was expecting her second child....he now has a child of his own.

I remember when her 3rd and 4th sons were both born.

I remember when her youngest, Simon, was running around the fair on Friday night. I remember him being in preschool when I started teaching. I remember when he started middle school and when he graduated the 8th grade. Now, he is a high school graduate. The classic saying, the days are long but years are short applies here.

While I do hold my memories close, I am also so excited for this young man. I'm excited to see what he chooses to do. I'm excited to see where he is in five/ten/fifteen years. I'm excited to see the adult that he becomes and the life he makes for himself.

Congratulations Simon and best of luck to you as you continue on into adulthood!

Happy Monday, friends!

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