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It's A Small World After All

My mom has always told me "You never know when someone is watching.". You see, she comes from a large family and my dad...well, my dad knows a lot of people. Like a lot. As a result, when I go where ever it is I'm going, there are a lot of "Hey, aren't you a Ketter?" or "Hey, aren't you Billy Fred's kid?" or my personal favorite "Aren't you Jacque?!"

My world is already small. So when small pieces come together to make an even smaller world, I honestly just roll my eyes. Of course it is a small world. Of course you know my mom. Of course you played softball with my dad. Of course you went to school with my cousin. Of course you did, because it is a small world after all.

While some, ok fine most, while most of these interactions are frustrating. Frustrating because I am always somebodies something. Bailey's sister. Bethy's daughter. Michel's cousin. There are a few moments when this is a gift. Today, is one of those days.

My mom went to school with Mrs. Duran's sister. I worked at the same school as Mr. Duran. My cousin knows Sara. One of my husbands closest friends is married to Diana. We all go to the same church. This, my friends, is my small world and these people are a part of it. I love this family and how generous and kind they are. I love that this family is inclusive and inviting. I love that this family is supportive and gracious.

This family has had one hell of a year. Like so many others, they were unsure what their future holds and therefore wanted to remember what they have now. Let me tell you, this evening was 2020 in a nutshell. The whole family was together, thank the good Lord this whole family was together, on the windiest, nastiest, day of the year. They looked absolutely wonderful and I truly hope they had as much fun as I did, wind and all!

Regardless if it is at a backyard bbq, church, golf, or just passing by, I always enjoy the moments that I have with the Duran family!

Happy Monday, friends!

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