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It's Already Been a Year?!

Do ya'll ever have those moments when you realize something that you thought was just a few weeks ago was actually a year ago! Especially this year! I recall an encounter that I had with someone, and while it seems like just the other day, it was actually in February! It was just the other day when I saw so & so and we talked about that thing! Or it was last year!

For this weeks shoot, I could not believe it had already been on year! Last year...or just a few weeks ago in my brain... for Emilee's 16th birthday we created a Celebration Short that shows off all things Em! (Haven't watched it yet? Check it out here: https://www.chelseawestphotography.com/post/emilee-ann ) So for her 17th birthday, the plan was to do something just as special!

Emilee wanted a classic car to be involved with this shoot ( a HUGE thank you to the Barnes family for letting us borrow their '57 Chevy) and this classic car was perfect!! Between the teal car that made those blue eyes POP and the windy day that worked wonders for that hair, this shoot was amazing! I have to tell you, I have anxiously been waiting to share these pictures! To say I am obsessed is an understatement!

If 16 and 17 are this amazing, I can't wait to see what all we come up with for 18....in a year!

Happy Monday friends!

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