• Chelsea Ann

It's Ok, She Won't Know

I only have one sister.

I only have one sister, and for the majority of my life I have envied her.

I have envied her quick wit and her sense of humor.

I have envied her ability to hear a voice from another room and know exactly who it is. Real life or on TV.

I have envied her ability to take the simplest and smallest of things and turn them into beautiful works of art.

I have envied her sense of adventure and love of travel.

I have envied her fortitude and determination.

I have envied her.

Today is her birthday. I have already called and I have already sang and I have already started the celebrating. I will post this among with several other photos, all of which she would hate. But it's ok...she won't know. See, she is not a fan of social media. She has removed social media from her phone and only gets back on randomly or when I make her send me pictures. So she won't know.

She won't know that I won't ever tell her these things.

She won't know that I look up to her each and every day.

She won't know that I, just for one day, want to be as smart and clever as she is.

She won't know that although we fight and pick and argue with one another, I will stand up for her everyday.

She won't know that I miss her every day and scour the internet to find a funny meme or two to send to her just to have a reason to text her.

She won't know how loved she is.

Love you Sida! Happy birthday!

Happy Monday, friends! If you happen to have a moment today, and know how to get ahold of her, please wish her a happy day and let her know just how awesome she is.

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