• Chelsea Ann

It Takes The Sun And The Rain To Get The Rainbow

Have you ever tried meditation? Prayer, journaling, visualization, guided, and unguided. The list goes on and on. Each offering their own insights and benefits.

Years ago, I was trying out a free trial on Headspace and was listening to a guided meditation. Imagine you are in a car, you pull over to a rest stop at the top of a hill and find a nice place to lay down and watch the clouds. Small clouds, big clouds, dark clouds...again the list could go on and on...but clouds nonetheless. These clouds were meant to be like our thoughts. Happy, sad, fleeting. Each passing cloud, regardless of its speed, was a thought.

I had trouble with this because at the time, I had a lot of big, scary, very slow moving, aggressive cloud formations on the side of my road. I don't know about you, but those aren't fun to watch for me. I don't want the scary clouds, I want the rainbow. I want the rainbow, but I understand that I need both the rain and the sun to get that.

I need the dark, scary clouds so I can appreciate the sun that comes after. I need the hard days, to appreciate those who help me get through them. I recognize that one comes after the other, and I am so thankful for those in my life that have come after the storms, especially the unexpected storms.

It is because of those rainbows in my life, that I am able to be someone else's rainbow. I have been in the struggle and want to help those in theirs. That, my friends, is why this mini session means so much to me.

We've had such an amazing first week for this mini-session that is benefiting the Midland Rainbow Room! To those of you that have participated, I cannot thank you enough! To those of you that participated without receiving anything in return, you are the true hero! Ya'll, I'm so excited for week two! If you would like to participate or donate, there is still plenty of time! All you need to do is let me know!

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