• Chelsea Ann

Jones & Co.

In 2009, I began my semester of student teaching at the elementary school that I attended as a child. I was placed in an English classroom with Kathy Jones. She was my educational mentor/idol/all of it! She had two girls, rocked her classroom, and spent the time necessary to make sure that I was prepared to take over a classroom of my own.

TEN YEARS LATER (what!?!) She now has three sweet girls who have grown up before my eyes, her husband has started his own construction company ( let me know if you are looking for some home renovations!), and she still is an amazing teacher.

This family is seriously #goals for me. I strive to be as respectful and gracious with my husband as they are with each other. I want to be as dedicated as she is as a mother, and I want to raise children that are as unique, selfless, and loving as these girls are.

I can't wait to see what mountains this family moves in the next ten years and I pray that I am there to continue to document it!

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