• Chelsea Ann

Let Them Be Little

First and foremost, I want to wish everyone a very happy Memorial Day. While it is always nice to have a three day weekend, I ask that you take a moment to remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe. For hundreds of years, thousands have fought for our freedoms. Let us not forget that these freedoms aren't free.

When this month of graduates began, it was full of seniors. Seniors that were moving on, mostly to college, and getting ready to enter the next phase of their lives. They're deciding on what they want to be, they're picking out classes, and beginning to take those first few steps into adulthood. The 8th graders aren't far behind them. Getting that first taste of new responsibilities and moving into the high school realm.

Then, there are the kindergarten grads!

They aren't worried about scholarship applications or what their major is going to be. They are just now getting the grasp on addition (get ready you guys, they're going to add letters to your number problems!) and the variety of punctuation symbols. They aren't worried about what engineering school they will get into, they are still living in a world where they can be anything and everything they want to be.

So rather than ask what they have planned for their future. I want to know what they are loving now. Who is their favorite Disney character? What toy are they obsessed with and what makes them giggle? How fast are they running and what are they reading? Are they a Daniel Tiger, a Peppa Pig, a Thomas

the Train, or in the Paw Patrol?

Lets let them be little for a little while longer. Lets let them be curious and wonder. Lets let them play in the dirt and build spaceships out of boxes. Lets let them twirl, hop and skip. Lets let them be little.

Happy Monday friends!

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