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Location, Location, Location

Happy Monday friends!

First off, a huuuuuge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mom!!! Love you momma and hope you have the best day! Speaking of my mom...my mom has tons of little phrases that she always says, and they are usually in groups of three. "Bargains, bargains, bargains." "Stop it, quit it, don't!" and of course "Location. Location. Location." TBH, I had no idea what that meant when she said it, but as I got older I would make up my own definition. Finding a good parking space, the checkout aisle with nobody in it, showing up to a photo shoot and it's not crowded. In each example, I find myself saying "Location, location, location."

Finding where to go for your Fall Family Photos is all about the "Location. Location. Location." Already know where you want to go, perfect! Don't have the slightest clue, totally ok too!

While Midland may be incredibly flat and extremely brown, we do have a few hidden gems that offer a variety of choices! These are my favorite go-to locations that are located in Midland. Have a hidden gem that isn't on the list, let me know!

The Petroleum Museum - Located right off the interstate, the Petroleum Museum has really done some work, both inside and out, to their establishment. The grounds have several metal buildings, an old truck, several old pumpjacks, and that good ol west Texas landscaping that we all love. So many options here!

Pro: Several diverse options and often not crowded

Cons: On the outskirts of town

Downtown Midland - Our downtown area has been doing some work! So many buildings with a variety of options. The Micro Market even has a built in photo booth! Centennial Park is almost complete, and lets not forget the hidden hallway behind Luigi's! Needing locations that don't always depend on vegetation, Downtown Midland is perfect!

Pro: Great year-round Cons: Can get a crowded/tons of construction

I-20 Preserve - Not only great for family photos, this area has so many fun creatures to find! This hidden gem has wonderful walking trails and lookout points! The uniqueness of this 100 acre preserve is unlike any other spot in Midland

Pro: Beautiful regardless of season Con: Tends to be a bit crowded

Museum of the Southwest - I have always loved the grounds of the Museum of the Southwest. They are always so well kept and the artwork is beautiful. Certainly a classic Midland spot!

Pro: Seasonally decorated and well kept Con: They are very active and the grounds aren't always available.

Of course, there is no place like home! Regardless of what the yard looks like or how many toys are out, you home is a great option for family photos!

Our small little community has so many options for the perfect Fall Family Photos! However, it doesn't matter where we go because you and your family are the star of the show!

Friends, we know where our pictures will be hung. We know what everyone will be wearing and where we will be going. The only questions left is "What do I do with my hands?!" The last week of preparation is next week and it is all about the posing! Have a great week and we will see ya next week!

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