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Who cares?! so what, it's just March. To you I say louder: MARCH IS HERE!!!!!


for the people in the back...


Half the people reading this already know why March is so important. They know today is Texas Independence Day AND Dr. Seuss Day. St. Patrick's Day, Chip & Dip Day, Crayon Day....all are in March. They know that I not only do I love basketball but also love a good bracket challenge. My friend, if this isn't already ringing some bells, the month of March = MARCH MADNESS! The NCAA basketball tournament is upon us. 68 teams all playing for one spot.

Now normally I would try to convince you that you should pick UNC to win, and that they are a

tournament team and usually do really well. I would tell you that Roy Williams is by far the best coach this nation, no, planet has ever seen. I would also try to convince you about how good each player is. But you guys, this year, the Tarheels are turds. So instead, I say to you, please please please send all your prayers towards them even making the tournament, let alone winning it. Right now, it doesn't even look like they will make the dance...NIT here we come.

For as long as I can remember, basketball has been my only sport. I've played, I've coached, I've watched. I still love playing and I still love coaching. I love watching new players start to figure the game out. Oh, and when that player makes their first shot in a game...the joy you guys. The utter joy that is plastered all over their face. What's even better is when the rest of the team helps make it happen and they are just as excited. I love to watch the transition from the beginning of the year to the end of year. The skills developed, the relationships built, and lessons learned from a hard loss are all part of this game. I love watching the hustle and heart that the passionate players have and how they express themselves. I love this game and I love when it all accumulates in March.

March is also super special for other reasons. It's my sisters birthday and this year she is also getting married in March! She loathes basketball. Two of my favorite things that can't stand each other. Her birthday usually falls around the Sweet 16, she couldn't care less. The rest of my family prays she picks a place for her birthday dinner that has a tv. We try not to watch on our phones...try. This year it is on a Sunday, Elite 8 time. Like I said earlier, there's almost no way UNC will be there, so no worries on whether or not there's a tv. She played because she had to. The second she could stop or fain an injury she did. She would much rather be outside with the horses, or drawing. Ya'll, this lady can draw. She usually ends up doodling on napkins while we watch tv...but never on her birthday.

She usually plans a trip for her birthday, but like I said, she's getting married this month as well. It is a month to celebrate my sister and all the amazing things about her. She is bold, she is so witty, she prides herself on obscure 90's trivia, she is eclectic, and she is protective. She stands up for those who don't or can't stand up for themselves. She fights for what is right and is incredibly passionate. She is built for the lane (basketball reference) but couldn't care less.

We don't live in the same town anymore, so spending time with her doesn't always happen. Instead we have video chat dates on Sunday's. Most of that time is us just making faces at each other, but I wouldn't have it any other way...well yes I would. I would have us together, but still.


Now everyone knows why March is so important, my sisters birthday is just a few days away. They know that not only do I love her but I love spending time with her. My friend, if you don't already know her, you are missing out!

Happy Monday friends!

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