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Miles and Miles of Smiles

Hi my name is Chelsea and I have a problem.

I like a good theme. My house is almost always decorated and it's often based on the monthly celebration. Front porch, bathroom, kitchen table. All decorated accordingly. I send out holiday cards (not just Christmas holiday cards...like give me any holiday and I'll find a card to send),you get my drift.

Theme + Holiday = Chelsea's wheel house.

So when Mollie's mom wanted to set up a tenth birthday shoot, your girl was all in! Balloons, confetti, and an amazing trip to Amara for some amazing gelato! I don't know who had more fun...Mollie or me!

I met Mollie through her sister. You remember Averi, right? A couple of blogs back, You Can See it in Her Face. That is Mollie's sister. I've known Mollie for quite sometime and really wanted this birthday session to highlight her sweet soul!

She is happy, she is bright, she is passionate, and above all her heart shines through in everything that she does.

Her smile is a constant. When she was handed her strawberry gelato cone, the smile got even bigger. When we jumped, and twirled, and sang, her smile got even bigger. When we played with confetti and balloons, her smile got even bigger. And when the day was over and it as time to go home, her smile was the biggest I've seen.

I have to be honest, mine was pretty big too. My uncle also used to say "You should smile. Because when you smile, someone else will smile. Then, their smile will make someone else smile, and pretty soon you'll have miles and miles of smiles." I have no idea where he got it from, but it's always stuck with me. And on these two days, Mollie's smile was contagious. Happy birthday sweet girl!

A huge thank you to Amara for letting us take over their shop for the morning! We had so much fun!

Happy Monday friends!

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