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Never Trust Anyone Who Has Not Brought A Book With Them...

I love this quote from Lemony Snicket. Partially because always try to have a book with me. My love for reading began as a child. Hank the Cowdog, Amelia Bedelia, Wayside High, among many others cultivated a love for story telling. The Great Gatsby was my first swan dive into a world that my imagination and F. Scott Fitzgerald helped create. From the J.K. Rowling, to Suzanne Collins. Kristin Hannah, Anthony Doerr, Malcolm Gladwell, are just a few of the many authors that I have devoured. Fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, biographies, educational tools, all categories offer so much!

I would read during road trips (so thankful to not get carsick when doing so), waiting for planes, while on the plane, waiting for luggage, weekends, waiting for the dr, I even would show up to a lunch/dinner date early just so I could sit in my car and read while I waited for whomever to arrive. I turned my guest bedroom into a library and had shelves built to hold all of these wonderful stories. I. love. to. read.

When my world was turned upside down two years ago, reading was no longer an option for me. Lets be honest, nothing was an option for me. I was talking to my dear friend Meredith and explaining how I couldn't do anything. Drive, watch TV, sleep, read...nothing at the time was consistent. I was a hot mess and just needing something I could grasp on to and make something, anything seem normal. I told her I was going to try and get some sleep and thanked her for being there. I woke up from my nap with a text from her saying check your email...suspicious...but ok. There, in my inbox, was the best gift a girl could ask for.

An Audible trial! In my inbox sat my books! I could now do something that I had taken advantage of for so long. I could listen to books. I decided that my first book would be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I had never read the series, and I had never seen the movies. I tried once when they first came out, but I just couldn't get into it. Now, I had literally nothing else to do and I had nothing but time on my hands. Two years later, I have listened all the way through and am on my third round. Currently in book 4...again.

It was the perfect gift. It gave me the sense of normalcy that I was needing. I could only listen and retain for short amounts of time, but still I was back in books. Now, two years later, I can read twice as many books. Driving time = book time and I spend a lot of time in the car. I take an extra block or two so I can finish the chapter. Run "errands" to get more drive time in. You know, all the usual things. I just started I Must Say by Martin Short yesterday. My goal for 2020 is to read 20 books...I'm on 2, and no I don't count the Harry Potter books anymore...

I always love a new recommendation and keep a list on my phone, called "The Need to Read". Now, it's your turn! What series do you love? Favorite author? Go-to book?

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