• Chelsea Ann

No Bad Days

I have to say, one of my most favorite parts of a session is seeing each persons individual style shine. From family heirlooms to favorite tee's. Special sneakers to that new hat. Each persons style says so much about them and I love getting to see that extra piece of the puzzle!

Jordan is no different at all! His graduation shoot was such a fun evening. He included his mom, who also just graduated, AND he planned two amazing outfits and both of those looks fit him to a "T"....literally, his tee was perfect.

It simply said "No Bad Days". Such a simple statement, but man what I powerful one! Each day, there are so many opportunities to "ruin" a day. Regardless of what those things are, there are twice as many wonderful things happening that just don't get the love and gratitude that they should be getting!

Each day is a choice, you chose what affects you. You chose what how it affects you. You chose. You can chose "No Bad Days". I know it's Monday, and I know things tend to happen on Monday's, but friends what if we went into Monday with this new mentality. How would your day go then?

Thank you, Jordan. Thank you for a wonderfully fun evening and thank you for this amazingly simple, yet very impactful, new motto!

Happy Monday, friends!

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