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One for each of them...

Let me first start by saying my life is one big "Small World" story. Regardless of where I go, someone knows an aunt, my parents, was a friend of my sister, or they knew my grandmother. I often hear "Aren't you a Ketter?" "Hey, aren't you Billy Fred's kid?" or "I went to elementary school with your mom." What?! That was yeeeeeeears ago and you recognize me in the dog food isle at HEB in a town that is nowhere near my hometown...it happens all. the. time.

That being said, several weeks I got a message from Star, who works with a lady that went to high school with my mom...ya following me here? She wanted to get some family pictures taken, they had a small window with everyone in town before Thanksgiving. She had a very specific picture in mind with her five grandkids. On her shoulder, she has a flower tattooed for each on of them. All different flowers, all representing one of these beautiful children. It was a very simple request, and one that I hope she loves. She also wanted to have updated pictures of her kiddos and their kids, and of course a nice big family picture.

From the moment that I met Star, she and her family were incredibly kind, so funny, and I have never met a family that has such beautiful eyes across the board! Star was absolutely fabulous, her husband and kids were hysterical, and those grandbabies were perfection. These kids were so behaved and did such a great job, they adults weren't to bad either. I loved meeting this family and sincerely pray I get to work with them again! You guys enjoy this beautiful family!

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