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Remember to Remember

I have a hard time with today. On one hand it is so easy to sleep late, spend the day being lazy on the couch, and knocking off that pesky to-do list that just won't go away. But then, I realize that this day wouldn't happen without the sacrifice of so many.

Today is not about you or me, friends. It's not about an adorable family, a beautiful senior, or how to get rid of that darn double-chin.

It's about the fallen. Those who didn't come home, those who came home a shell of who they once were, those who didn't get to meet the generations that came after them. It's about all of those that have fallen to protect us.

You are remembered and I cannot say thank you enough.

Remember by Victor C. Kleinschmit

Someone's child, left long ago,

A strange land,

Someone's foe.

An unmarked grave, fields of green,

Resting quiet,

Just eighteen

Winds of freedom, wash us now,

Remember him,

This I vow.

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