• Chelsea Ann

Simply Cipriani

Sometimes, when I am with a family, I take a moment to just observe. I observe and take in the energy, the emotions, and the relationships that are in front of me. Each family has their own unique dynamics and their own nonverbal language that is used to communicate with one another. As a friend, acquaintance or stranger I often have to pick up on these ques quickly. I need to hear and see everything that is going on around me to capture those very specific things that make each family so unique.

The Cipriani family invited me out to their home for their fall family pictures. Being at their home, everyone was so laid back. This equals honest emotions, and those make for beautiful pictures. These parents love their kids and that reflects in how happy and content they are! These boys were super snuggly (shhh, don't tell their friends), and their parents were happy to snuggle. We danced, we laughed, and we played with all the animals. The horses were super interested in what was going on and even made it in a picture or two! The donkeys were the star of the show though.

These days are the best days. When everyone is happy, and are enjoying these moments that they have with each other. These moments don't last, the kids grow up, they stop being as snuggly, and they become too cool for mom and dad. But this day, this day simply fell into place perfectly.

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