• Chelsea Ann

Sista Sista

I remember the day, in reality I don't but stick with me. I remember the day! I remember the day that they broke the news. Sat me down, and gave me the compliment sandwich that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, wants to hear. "Chelsea, we love you very much. You're going to be a big sister. You'll be great."

It's the flat tire that comes at the worst time, it is the corner that you stub your toe on, it is the needle that pops every balloon. The world I had been living in: carefree, selfish, attention hording. All of it gone. Now, it was: "You have to share with your sister." "Don't hit your sister." "Be nice to your sister.".

A sister changes everything. For the first 18 years, I wouldn't say we hated each other...I also wouldn't say we loved each other. We stood in this circle of tolerance that bordered on a familial civil war and the Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood. Loving each other one minute and beating the snot out of each other the next. We drove my parents crazy.

Then, we went to college. The same college and decided we would be our own people but would catch up when we had time. One year and too many roommates to mention, we gave up that idea and got a house together. She has been my best friend ever since. My confidant, my Thelma, my safety net when I fall.

I look for that now. I look for the future best friends amidst the poking and the eye rolls. I look for the moments that love breaks through and they support each other and encourage. While the moment is fleeting, it is there.

These three sisters are my sister and me all those years ago. They have their share of fights. They have their share of "Stop it. Quit it. Leave me alone!" They also have their share of being supportive. They make each other laugh. They call each other out and make each other better. They will be the best of friends in a few years. Until then, they will continue to poke, they will continue to annoy, they will continue to defend and protect. They will be sisters, now and forever.

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