• Chelsea Ann

Sweet Sibs

She is creative. She is witty. She is unique. Above all, she is my sister.

Bailey is two years younger than me, and honestly that's the only thing that I've got goin for me. She's always been the more charismatic one, she's almost a foot taller than I am, shes 8,000 times funny than my dad jokes/puns will ever be, and she has more artistic ability than I know to even dream of. If you've ever met her, I promise you didn't forget.

We spent most of our childhood at odds. Constantly fighting (I'm sorry mom), constantly arguing (I'm sorry mom), and constantly picking on each other (I'm sorry mom). I'm sure we weren't the only ones that were sent outside when we were being too loud...and then told to be quiet outside. I can almost guarantee that we weren't the only ones to sit at the kitchen table until we can get along. I am also positive that we weren't the only siblings told to tell each other that we're sorry and that we love each other. We will just call it...making memories.

It wasn't until we were out of high school that we actually started enjoying spending time together. We finally started to get along and appreciate each other. She continues to be such a creative light and I love watching her unique soul shine. She is always there for me and I hope that I help her out as much as she helps me!

I love my sister and my relationship with her is one of the most important relationships I have. Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to get to know so many siblings. These relationships bring so much joy and laughter. They are some of my favorites for sure.

I know not all siblings get along all the time, but I wanted to celebrate the times that they do. Enjoy these sweet siblings and a few throwbacks of my sister and me!

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