• Chelsea Ann


It's Thomas and Charles' birthday! These brothers, while almost three years apart, have their birthdays almost a month apart from each other! This year was a big one, literally, Charles turns one! While we had a shoot planned for another location, we ended up at a newly renovated park in town! Let me tell ya, these brothers had the whole park to themselves for most of this shoot! All the slides, swings, and seesaws for their taking to celebrate both of their birthdays! You want to talk about a dilemma...where do you go first?!

Thomas, who has turned 4, is a great big brother! He loves his Paw Patrol (check out those shoes), he is incredibly curious, and going super high on the swings! Thomas is intrigued by how all the things work and is always wanting to know more. Happy birthday Thomas! Hope four is faaaaaaantastic!

Charles, who is turning 1, is on the move! He is crawling all over the place and loved his first time in a swing! Charles is discovering so many things right now. These new things lead to the sweetest faces and the biggest laughs. He loved watching big brother play and I'm sure is ready to be going down all the slides like brother. Happy birthday Charles! Hope one is wonderful!!

These two are going to have the best year and can't wait to see what 5 and 2 look like!

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