• Chelsea Ann

The Burleson Family

My husband and I are different in so many ways.

He has a blind love for the Cowboys, I live in the real world.

He thinks Batman is the best superhero, I live in the real world where it is clearly ANYONE in the Avenger series.

He thinks peacocks can fly, I live in the real word where peacocks clearly fall with style, Buzz Lightyear style.

He has had the same group of friends since he was in his single digit years. I have friends from each stage of my life.

He and his friends are still friends to this day. And not the "Oh, we will get together soon" friends. The actual, "We will see you next weekend when we do X, Y, and Z." friends. I love that he has this in his life. The connections, the memories, the laughs that they have shared is admirable.

This family is one of those friends. He has known Brett since he was 7. They went to school together, they have taken trips together, and Brett was even in our wedding, as Dan was in his.

Friendships, such as these, that last a life time are so few and far between. Getting to be apart of it and see it up close is wonderful. The jokes that they have with each other, the stories that they recall, the subtle nuances that only the few who know what to look for will see, is all a testament to their friendship.

Spending an evening with someone who has known my husband in a world that I haven't was a gift. A gift that I am incredibly thankful for.

Happy Monday, friends!

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