• Chelsea Ann

The Genuine Gilliams

I don't remember a time that I haven't known the Gilliams. They have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I knew them when I was little and went to school with their kids. I knew them when we went on family vacations together. I knew them when they came to visit me in college. I knew them when they helped me break in my home and for many Friday nights after. I knew them when we celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. I knew them when we played round after round....after round, after round...after round...of golf. I knew them and have known them for quite possibly my whole life.

Tim and Shelley have three kids. Each of whom has gone on to have their own wonderful family. As a whole, this group is hospitable. They are fun. They are welcoming and, of course, they are my friends.

Early last year, Shelley came over with her grandsons, Kash and Rylan, for the Valentine's Day Mini Session. We discussed then needed to get the whole family together for family pictures. Little did we know what the world would turn into just a few weeks later. For the majority of last year, we looked for days that we could get everyone together. Finally, in December, we were able to set a date.

It is days like this one, with families like the Gilliams, that make my job amazing. Parents watching over their grown children as they parent with pride. Families that are friends and continue to enjoy each others company long after I leave. Families that see the humor in whatever situation may come their way. Families like the Gilliams are why I continue to do what I do. The love, the joy, and of course the family.

Happy Monday, friends.

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