• Chelsea Ann

The Haile Family

I had so much fun this past weekend with the Haile family. I mean, they are always fun, but not every visit includes smoke bombs. Just sayin. This is a family with so much character and I couldn't wait to capture it all.

Stacie and I have been friends for quite some time and I was so excited when she asked me to take their family photos. She has always been an incredible friend and I admire the loving wife and amazing mother that she has become. She and Josh are great parents and encourage the curiosity of their children. These kids are so much fun and I love getting to see their own unique personalities.

Evelyn, the oldest, is full of ambition and was showing me her new skills on the backyard swing. Philip loves showing off his epic car collection and Aaron is so interested in learning how everything works. Leah, while only 5 months old, is full of smiles and laughs.

There is so much personality in each of the pictures and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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