• Chelsea Ann

The Hair Family

I have to say I am so incredibly thankful to have had such good friends for most of my life! I realize how rare it is to still be friends with your friends from junior high and high school.

For the past twenty years, oof that is a tough one to type, this particular group of ladies has been in my life. I am so thankful for their support, comradery, compassion, and encouragement. They have been life-savers during the last few months. Our socially distanced front yard gatherings, our meme centered group texts, and of course, those well timed porch drop-offs.

Kari is incredibly kind, so supportive, and she is a wonderful mother to two beautiful children. She and her family have handled quarantine as gracefully as any one can expect and has been a shoulder to lean on for those of us that haven't.

She and her family chose a very special location for their Fall Family Photos, the Permian Basin Area Foundation. Tim, Kari's husband, had quite the hand in creating the landscape design of this beautiful building! Not only did we have a special place to go to, we also had a very special guest! Tim's dad joined us and made this evening even more priceless! Rick is truly enamored with his sweet grandbabies, I mean, they are pretty adorable! Spending time with this family always fills my heart and I am so thankful to have them as friends. They truly bring out the absolute best in each other and those around them!

Happy Monday, friends!

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