• Chelsea Ann

The Marvelous Martin Family

What a better way to start off the last Marvelous Monday of the year than with the marvelous Martin family!

Let me first start by saying, I hadn't met the Martin's prior to our shoot. We had only spoken through email. Mrs. Martin let me know that they hadn't ever had their family photos taken. Not only did they need family photos but we would also be celebrating an upcoming 50th birthday, am upcoming 16th birthday, and a senior session. This sessions would be loaded...I just didn't know it would be loaded with fun.

This family was nonstop smiles and laughs from the get go. I would have never known they hadn't done this before and loved every minute of this session. I loved that Mr. Martin was open to so many of the ideas that we had. I loved Anna and her vivacious personality. I loved that Jackson, slowly but surely, came out of his shell. I loved how proud and encouraging Mrs. Martin was of her family.

Looking back at these pictures, the love that they have for one another just radiates off the page. This evening with the Martin family was truly marvelous!

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