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The Radiant Rylanders

Family Sessions are like no other. 9 times out of ten, the first several minutes are awkward, tense, and a lot of "Why are we even here?" looks are being thrown around. There's even a few occasions where several family members are unaware that their picture is going to be taken until they're physically getting dressed to come see me. However, those first few minutes are just that. A few minutes. Then, something magical happens. Someone, most often the smallest of the group, breaks. They break the wall and see that this can be fun. You've seen it before. Once one domino ticks over, they all tick over.

This was one of those sessions. As we were walking from the car to our first spot, dad looked at me and said "I found out this afternoon that we were taking pictures and thought she was joking." Let me mention really quick that my car said it was 109 degrees when we started. ONE HUNDRED AND NINE DEGREES! They were troopers and I loved how their session turned out!

Our first stop was at a classic Midland spot, which happens to have a small ledge. Sure enough, these quiet kiddos kicked the dominoes over. Jumping on and off this ledge broke the awkwardness and off we went! This sweet family of seven did such a great job and I hope they had as much fun as I had!

Our next stop was at a simple blue wall. However, that blue wall was absolutely perfect! It made their eyes, their hair, and the clothes just pop! It was also a chance to get to talk to everyone one-on-one. Seeing the unique personalities of each member of a family is the best part of a photo session and let me tell you this family has some personalities! Cade, while very much the protective big brother, is the first one to be silly with his siblings....and he's the fastest. Halie is a nonstop giggle fest, but don't get it wrong, she keeps these boys in line. Reid is quiet but you can tell this boy is all heart. Beau and Brice, while they look similar...because they're twins, are day and night. Lets not forget mom and dad! Kari and Cory are first and foremost an adorable couple and you can tell that they love each other big and they love their kids big!

The final stop was at the Petroleum Museum. This was by far my favorite stop. Watching these two parents love on their kids was heart warming. They laughed and giggled. They hugged and raced. They even ended with a PYRAMID. I know what you're thinking...who doesn't end their photo session with a family pyramid?! You see, I have a plethora of cousins. So many cousins. When we all get together, we are also pyramid happy! Christmas, family functions, weddings, you name it. So when these kiddos wanted a pyramid, my heart jumped with joy! These are my people!

Happy Monday friends, you are my people!

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