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The Ramos Family

So there I was...sitting on the couch editing my photos, drooling. My husband looked over at me and asked what in the world I was doing. I said I'm drooling, obviously. *insert eye roll here* He came over to look at what I was working on, and much like Pavlov, he started to drool too.

I had just left a Family/Sweet 16/Headshot shoot and the family had gotten a cake to celebrate the Sweet 16. Ya'll this cake. I cannot. It had everything on it. Chocolate, strawberries, flowers, macaroons, raspberries, more chocolate. It smelled heavenly. Shockingly though, that cake was not the sweetest part of this shoot!

I got to know the Ramos family when I taught both Ivan and Vanessa Kate. Through the years, I have gotten to know the whole family and truly enjoy my time with them. When Mrs. Ramos scheduled her family photos, we decided to update her headshots as well as celebrate Vanessa Kate's birthday!

So many things to celebrate! At the core of all it is the love that this family has for each other. Mr. and Mrs. Ramos have been married for over 20 years and you guys they are just as smitten with each other today! Their two children are just as fantastic as they are and I even got to meet Ivan's girlfriend, Megan!

This was such an fun evening getting to catch up and celebrate this sweet family!

Happy Monday friends!

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