• Chelsea Ann

The Vivacious Vest Family

In 1998, I started 7th grade at a new school. It was my first adventure into public school and I. was. terrified. I didn't know very many people and from the looks of what was going on....I didn't want to know very many people. I had made the volleyball team and was at practice one afternoon when I sat down next to Sara. Sara was also new to school, and was just as nervous as I was. Thankfully, we became fast friends and our little group made the scary world of junior high and high school not so scary. While volleyball wasn't either one of our strong suits, we did play basketball and ran track together for many years. We went to all the movies, roadtrips (to Odessa, but still), and survived on Dr. Peppers and milkshakes from Graham's Pharmacy.

I am beyond blessed to still have Sara as a close friend so many years later. When she told me her sister was coming into town and they wanted to take family photos, I was so excited. I hadn't seen her sister, Kim, in quite some time and I always love catching up with her mom! This was such a fun afternoon and I loved seeing my childhood friend rockin' her role as momma to sweet Sally June!

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